Dedicated To Defend And Protect My Clients Rights

What I Will Do For You

Many people end up having legal struggles they are not ready to handle. The law has a long, uncaring reach, from criminal charges to family law matters to personal injury cases. What you want in these moments is a lawyer who can stand up to these struggles for you.

My name is Jeffrey Beck, and that’s what I do. I’ve spent my entire career doing what I can to help people in need of help. I’ve been a combat medic and a police officer, and if there’s one thing I understand, it’s that when you need assistance, you need help from someone who cares about you.

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I Listen To Your Story

While every legal matter has two sides, I’m only interested in your side. I want to know what has happened to you, what you struggle with and what you need to get – your perspective matters to me.

Your story is important and when you work with me, I will listen without judgement and answer all your questions. during stressful times If or if an issue should arise, I have the skills to stay calm and focused. I can evaluate the facts and determine the best strategic plan. Your well-being and best interest are my priority.

I Tell You The Truth About Your Case

The law in South Dakota can be complex. You may want a result that simply isn’t feasible with the circumstances. I will tell you the plain truth about your chances and how I can assist you. When you have realistic expectations about what’s ahead, you can make the right decisions for yourself.

I Fight For You

I am a litigator. I go to court regularly as an advocate and champion for my clients, and I fight as hard as I can for what they deserve. I protect your rights as an individual, as a parent, and as an injured party. I take on the fight because you absolutely deserve someone who will fight for you.

Contact my firm, Beck Law, Prof., LLC, in Sioux Falls to schedule a meeting with me. You can call me at 605-271-0488 or send an email.